Why Viagra Alternatives Are Better

Modern life is full of work pressure, deadlines and tension, so much so that people often put their sexual desires on the backburner. The result is often a dramatic decrease in sexual performance, which may even lead to impotence. The cure of this condition, also called erectile dysfunction, lies in Viagra, which seems to have a high success rate of 85%.

However, Viagra does not correct the underlying problem of erectile dysfunction and result in several side effects, such as headaches, flushing, dizziness, sneezing, dyspepsia, blurriness and even loss of vision. Some of its more severe side effects are priapism (the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state), unusually low blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and even death. Reason enough to look at Viagra alternatives.

Popularity of Viagra Alternatives
With people preferring safer and better therapies for erectile dysfunction, Viagra alternatives are rapidly gaining in popularity. Although initially, these alternatives are usually not as effective as Viagra, their benefits outdo this limitation in the long-term. Some of the benefits include:

1.Alternatives, especially herbal cures, offer a holistic cure through the use of vitamins, minerals, hormones, plant extracts and herbal supplements.
2.Alternatives to Viagra have little to no side effects.
3.To buy Viagra, you need a doctors prescription, while most alternatives are over-the-counter drugs.
4.Viagra can cost $14 per pill or more, and any lower price can be indicative of generic quality or spurious nature. Alternatives are, however, quite cheap.
5.Viagra can take about 30 minutes to an hour to start working, while alternatives start showing results in a maximum of 45 minutes.

The market is flooded with Viagra alternatives and it is difficult to separate the best from the worst, or the good from the spurious. One alternative that is known to work in treating erectile dysfunction is Firminite. The high-potency formula of Firminite not only supercharges you in minutes, but also gives stamina to please your lover for hours on end. With its natural prosexual formula, your worries of finishing too soon become a thing of the past. Unlike Viagra and Cialis, Firminite is an all-natural formula that has no side effect, works faster and is effective for up to 72 hours.