When does Viagra work

Sometimes, Viagra doesn't show the results that are to happen in males. This is rare, but probable. There are many reasons for this, and it is necessary to know all the options before buying this drug. Some people don't believe that it can work for them, and this makes it harder to prescribe the drug. Viagra works when the patient is sexually excited. Because the treatment works to rehabilitate the chemical imbalance in the brain, it should be taken 30 minutes to an hour before sex, and will look no uncommon to an erection that has occurred without the assistance of Viagra. Since the introduction of Viagra in 1993 it has an 80 percent success rate with the maximum dosage. For the men who are unsuccessful with the medicine, it is vital to note that Viagra does not plainly cause an erection. There has to be some level of sexual stimulation before the chemical process can start. Besides, both parties must have an equal desire for sex. Many people think that they need Viagra to achieve an erection without being completely aroused. Sexual closeness alone will not help Viagra to function, as the mind is to desire the act before the blood flow to the penis can be grown. If the partner isn't willing to have sex, then it is unlikely that the patient will be excited enough for Viagra to function. Discussing the issue with your partner, and finding all the information together can make both partners closer, help them understand and finally raise knowledge and sexual desire for one another. Taking Viagra 30 minutes before sexual activity, and involving in acts that increase desire can have the better outcome from the medicine. Thus, the more active both partners are, the more likely Viagra is to work correctly to achieve and sustain an erection without the desire fading. Mental causes might also prevent Viagra from working correctly. It is a general problem for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction to as well suffer from depression or anxiety. It is the discomfort suffered by the patient that prevents sexual satisfaction. In case the man is uncomfortable due to the stigma often attached to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, then this could have hostile effects even with Viagra. Other causes such as interference, or disbelief in the medicine could mean that an erection is improbable, and these reasons should be addressed before the general practitioner prescribes Viagra. Viagra is prescribed to assist males of all ages and many levels of erectile dysfunction reach and keep an erection for some hours. It is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction medication on the market that has a high success rate. It doesn't have to be a discomfort, and with the adequate awareness, sexual success is within your grasp.