Viagra and Cialis in comparison

It was a real medical revolution when Viagra had been launched on the market. It quickly gained its reputation as the best drug for sexual potency. And one of Viagra competitors is Cialis. It is also widely spread and well known in many countries. Viagra is positioned on the market as a drug for men. That's why we may see a lot of happy men in Viagra advertisements. Cialis on the contrary is said to be a medical drug for couples, as impotency is a problem of both partners but not an individual one.

It's not a secret, that Viagra is more popular on the market, as it was the first drug of such a type. Due to such a situation Viagra has much more positive reports from users. So many people believe that Viagra is better in its positive effects than Cialis. Sometimes one just doesn't know that there are some other drugs with the same effects than Viagra. But nowadays Cialis is becoming more and more popular as a substitute for Viagra and sometimes is chosen for its unique medical effects. A lot of people have leaded happy sexual life and sometimes managed to save their families thanks to Viagra and Cialis.

However, Cialis got its recognition since people understand that it has longer effects then Viagra, say 17 to 18 hours once consumed. It has also gained its name as "weekend drug," as a dose taken on Friday will last the entire weekend. However, the Viagra survived in the markets because of its excellent track records. It is rather difficult to make a comparison between both drugs, as both Viagra and Cialis contain mostly the same ingredients, qualities and similar long lasting effects to have better sex experience. Cialis is unique because of its dosage and its onset of action, as mentioned above. However, Viagra is gaining points for making revolution in medicine as the first drug of such an effect. Cialis is also slightly costlier than Viagra, though we cannot say there is a vast difference.

Viagra is blue in color and shaped in the form of a diamond, whereas Cialis is yellow and triangular in shape. The medical name of Viagra is sildenafil citrate, and Cialis has tadalafil. Both of the drugs are available in the markets with different dosages. Both of the drugs require the prescription in some countries for sale over the counter. And, it is highly advisable that you consume smaller dose of either of the drugs in the beginning, to find out whether the drug causes any side effect. In most of the cases, these drugs provide more positive effects as compared to highly negligible side effects that you may heard of.

Due to improper consumption of each drug, these drugs may cause discoloration of vision which occurs with Viagra users, whereas Cialis might cause muscle aches. Both drugs should be taken at least an hour before sexual intercourse, and the further usage need not be stopped immediately, if there are any side effects noted. These drugs need to be consumed at the lowest dosage when you begin consumption, and then increased if required, but only with the recommendation of a doctor. Doses must also be reduced of both Viagra and Cialis, if you are not comfortable with the use.

If there is any problem caused by either of these drugs, medical help must be sought immediately, and it must not be taken too lightly. Just like other drugs, you can buy generic Cialis and generic Viagra online. In the end, while using both drugs, it is important to consult with your family physician. These drugs are to be consumed only when they are prescribed by a doctor. However, your physician can give you a better advice whether to consume it or not, if you are already on any other prescribed drug. To avoid any allergic reactions with other drugs, you must seek more information about your chosen drug (either Viagra or Cialis) in the library.